Anthony Lyons & Emily Williams (Duo)

Anthony and Emily have well established solo careers but bring their talents together now in duo format. Incorporating effected cello, buchla music easel synth, beats and samples they explore the worlds of experimental ambient pop and post-minimal electronics. Their music is richly textured and sonically unique with fragments, clicks and cuts sitting alongside lush evolving cello and synth lines. They bring a beautiful expressiveness and live energy to their sound and visual world, captivating audiences as they move from electronic atmospheres to driving rhythms made of loops, samples & glitched-out drum machines. Soundscape meets Avant-pop!

(image above: performing at the Forum Theatre, Melbourne. MIFF festival)


Live on Impa TV at Islington Mill Attic, Salford / Manchester, UK (2018)


Past shows:

Islington Mill Attic: Live performance for IMPA Tv, Salford, UK

The Forum Theatre, Melbourne: The Melbourne International Film Festival

Loop, Melbourne: Electundra AudioVisual Festival

The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne


Q3/Q4 2019: Album release