Image: 2010 Pure Poetry Concert at Castlemaine, Victoria

Image: Pure Poetry Project concert at Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 2010.



The Pure Poetry Project

Pure Poetry is an on-going project set up by Bronwyn Blaiklock and the Ballarat Writers that commissions new Australian works of poetry and music. The concert of commissioned works for 2011 was performed at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on the 21st May at 7pm (see the Calendar for more details). New works of mine that were performed in this concert include Lace Frequencies for flute and electronics, Gravity for piano, We String Out Along the Sand for cello and electronics, and In a close orbit for piano. Also performed was a major new work written with poet Nathan Curnow called The Last Chocolate Factory for narrator, flute, cello, piano, electronics and music box. Below is a blog excerpt about the project and collaborative process with Nathan, that I wrote for the Australian Music Centre's on-line journal Resonate;

"As one of the featured composers for this year's Pure Poetry event I have been working in collaboration with the award-winning poet Nathan Curnow. Nathan initially came to me with an image of an abandoned chocolate factory at the end of the world and asked 'Do you think we can make something of this?' We've since developed this image into a work tentatively titled The Last Chocolate Factory, for narrator, music box, flute, cello, piano, and electronics. It is a strongly narrative work, full of Nathan's powerful images and metaphors. It's kind of Mad Max meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Hansel and Gretel - a morality tale about the pitfalls of greed, and of course, chocolate..." 

You can read the full Blog in Resonate here:


Pre-concert sound check for The Last Chocolate Factory at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.





A quick run of Lace Frequencies for flute and electronics, with Emma Knight on Flute.