Conflux Bendigo - The AudioVisual Garden

 — (AEST, UTC+10) — (AEST, UTC+10)

The Capital Theatre Bendigo, 50 View St, , Bendigo VIC 3550 Australia

The AudioVisual Garden is an installation work by Anthony Lyons and Paul Fletcher commissioned for Conflux Bendigo. It can be experienced at the Capital Theatre, Bendigo across the 9th-10th September as part of Conflux Bendigo.

The AudioVisual Garden is a large sound and light installation that translates the energy from plants and people into images and sounds in a quest to discover hidden forms of communication or fields of influence between plants and people.

A collection of 50 indoor plants are wired up via sensors and signal translators to generate and manipulate sound and visuals. These interact with pre-made sounds, visuals and parameters set up by composer Anthony Lyons and visual artist Paul Fletcher.

The result is an installation that’s continually influenced by plants and their bio-feedback signals generating beautiful evolving patterns and shapes of light and sound.