To Be RESCHEDULED due to covid

Please Join us downstairs at the Avalon in Katoomba as part of the very special 'Afternoon Delights' Series. "With most of the shows SOLD OUT it's a top tip to BOOK EARLY if you hope to attend some of these intimate events. Our bottom line guarantee of return is in the rich experiences. Every week we are treated to some of the finest music this country has to offer."

1st Set - Night Diver A solo music project of Cellist Emily Williams. The music is immersive, melodic, soundscapes and meditative drones with her main instrument at the centre, augmented by sampled sounds of percussive glass, steel and kinetic toys.

2nd Set - Au Revoir Hands: Electronic new classical duo with Anthony Lyons and Emily Williams. Incorporating cello, buchla music easel synth, beats and samples they explore the worlds of experimental ambient pop and post-minimal electronics. Their music is richly textured and sonically unique with fragments, clicks and cuts sitting alongside effected cello and analog synth lines. They bring a raw expressiveness and live energy to their sound as they move between electronic atmospheres to driving rhythms made of loops, samples & glitched-out drum machines.