Multidisciplinary Collaboration with Aviva Endean & Anthony Lyons

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Emporium Creative Hub, Bendigo

Aviva Endean and Anthony Lyons are two accomplished multidiscipline creatives who live local while achieving big things on an international level and both have cross-platform collaboration as a key feature of their careers. Collaboration may be something you already undertake, or perhaps it’s high up on your to-do list of processes to engage with and this presentation Aviva and Anthony will light a definite spark in your collaborative fire. Explore why collaboration, particularly those outside of your existing artforms or current ecosystems, is such an area for opportunity. Through Aviva and Anthony’s own rich examples and reflections you will uncover why you might want to collaborate across art forms, how you might approach or instigate collaboration and the different models for funding, presenting and building upon these creative opportunities.