‘’Timeless Light’’ is a symposium and exhibition of new works investigating the Nature of the Light. It is a challenging approach to the phenomenon of Light in multiple ways through Arts, Sciences, Philosophy, Religion, Technology. Monumental thoughts, scientific axioms, wisdom through the ages and innovation are the inspiration to the creative and enquiring artists of 'Timeless Light'. The exhibiiton includes the audiovisual work 'Light Ripples' by Anthony Lyons.

28 ,29, 30 September 2023 at the Ionion Center for the Arts & Culture, Metaxata, Kefalonia.

Participant artists: Juan Lesta, Anthony Lyons, Lisa Pettibone, Judith Röder, Laura Santamaria, Elena Vertikova,Tobias Zimmer, Sophie Kagadis, Kurtis Lesick, Tsu Ou-Yang, Yana Chebotova.