Casting Light Projecting Ripples - Immersive Audiovisual Installation

Casting Light Projecting Ripples is an audiovisual installation work by Australian composer/artist Anthony Lyons that is inspired by the light, foliage, rock and mirrored blue waters of Zervati Cave. Through a process of bio-mapping and re-imagination of the sounds, plant data, light and wave patterns of Zervati as they resonate onto and off the cave walls, the work tries to capture moments of suspended beauty, emergent patterns and rhythmic processes through the interplay of light, shadow and sound.

Casting Light Projecting Ripples is an immersive installation integrating field-recordings, synthesis, plant sensors, and video. The work aspires to unveil fresh perspectives and direct attention toward UNESCO Global Geopark sites — extraordinary realms of ecological significance and rare beauty.

(This project was made possible with the support of Regional Arts Victoria)

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