Resonating Spaces: Rarotonga Reimagined

Over 8 days Interactive Composition sound and vision makers from the University of Melbourne create audiovisual responses to the Island of Rarotonga. Interacting with the local community and environment to explore issues of sustainability, climate, change, cultural context, site, history, and community culminating in the creation of 18 unique sound snapshots of Rarotonga and live improvised performance with local island master drummers. Includes new work by Anthony Lyons.

Date/time: 28 October 9:30am-12pm

Location: Punanga Nui Market, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

(Artists: Elizabeth Baker, Elijah Bradbury, Stuart Cullen, Imogen Cygler, Robert Downie, Anna Durham, Vicky Hofflin, Leah Humphrey, Jade Ingvarson-Favretto, Josh Keddie, Sam Kreusler, Finn Langham, Rachel Lewindon, Jasper Robinson, Julia Webster, Mark Pollard, Anthony Lyons).

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